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  • Low cloud mining price and maintenance fee
  • Possibility to trade hashpower
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Company location: China
Today Zeushash offers its clients the services under the OxBTC platform due to rebranding. According to their promises, the cloud mining packages that both Zeushash and OxBTC provide will guarantee you the most profitable cryptocurrency investment. It is possible for the users to purchase cloud hashing from as low as 0.099 USD per GH/s at OxBTC. You will be able to run cloud mining on mining rigs of one of the biggest cryptocurrency farms of the world.
About OxBTC (previously Zeushash)

Today Zeushash is rebranding to OxBTC. New plans and the new name give them a chance to offer their clients even better returns on investments. A lower maintenance fee is possible now due to the transfer, and the mining contracts will be surely available to the clients for long term. March 2016 is the date when the takeover finished, and all cloud contracts that exist now have been transferred to OxBTC accounts. Although it is still possible for users to deposit and make withdrawals at Zeushash using the existing accounts.

Several well-known Chinese investors founded OxBTC in October 2014. However you will not find the names of the investors on the company website. When the platform started, though, one of the founders, Mr. Weicheng Guo gave some interviews. Before he started OxBTC, he had had a couple of projects in different industries, and he is around 30.
During the recent years this cloud mining platform successfully merged many cloud hashing sites, and Zeushash is among them as well. This helped them to develop a huge user base. Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia are the places where the main mining facilities are located. 5.6 PH/s hashing power belongs to the OxBTC mining farm all over the world. Thanks to the affordable electricity costs in mainland China, they can keep the maintenance fees at the lowest level possible.

Services Provided

Besides bitcoin, the cloud mining of such cryptocurrencies as litecoin and ethereum is also possible at OxBTC. Comparing to other providers, this company offers users a better, faster and cheaper cloud mining contract due to the fact that it is based on the old-for-new package.

Cryptocurrency investment service and not cloud mining, that is how they prefer to have them called at OxBTC, because this way they want to highlight the coins financial nature. They think that everyday investors can find the word “mining” too technical. The clients of OxBTC can also trade the hashpower on their platform, apart from purchasing the hashrates for cryptocurrency mining. Clients can see the earnings from the mining activity on their account right away. No holding period, and you can withdraw your profit 24/7. The withdrawals are not limited, but each transaction is charged 0.0001 BTC/0.001 LTC fee.

Users are able to pay for the cloud hashing service at OxBTC by litecoins or bitcoins. But do remember that credit card purchases or wire transfers are not accepted as payment methods at this cloud mining company.

Also, a referral program is run at OxBTC. If you are lucky enough to win, they can offer you 25% share of the earning in the new client.

There is an opportunity for clients to invest in bitcoin deposits for earning interest directly, and also if you want to experience the highest return on investments possible. Take note that the bitcoin deposit will earn 0.01% daily interest. There is also the option to invest into a 20 day long fixed deposit contract, and that results in a 8.5% annual percentage yield. No doubts that a yield is far better comparing to the deposits at the city banks.

User reviews for OXBTC

11.04.2018 Jay Jay

I use this service for btc mining.The rate decreases, but the number of coins grows up. $ 0.1 / GH is now quite cheap

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